Healthy Organic Plant-Based Products For Nutritional Health and Beauty

My vision is to  to use  the 'Heathiest ' site to promote plant-based products for a high quality lifestyle at any age, but in particular assisting the over 60s, over 70s and beyond to 'live life large' each and every day.  The vision  is to document high-quality advice for a healthy and fitness regime to maintain physical and mental well-being.  This is done through promoting full body health and beauty that organic plant products can provide. Seniors need to be mobile, and to undertake  activities that promote a feeling of, excitement, freedom by making each day count   to lift the  human spirit. The vision here  is to optimise the  seniors years to be ones where each person is a visible testimony to health with a have glowing beauty through  sensible diet, plant-based natural skin care and regular exercise. this will create a sense of renewed pride in personal appearance,  a vibrant healthy life and have a continuing and visible involvement and contribution to society.


To enhance the lives of our valued customers through the promotion of beautifully functional quality natural plant-based heath items that promote mobility and health at all ages and that enhance life style.  The mission is  to give exceptional customer service by evaluating products related to a vibrant lifestyle mobility that enhance lifestyle and  at all ages.

My Story

I invite you to check in to  see what  trends in  lifestyle improvements can be achieved for seniors in this amazing world in which we live.   We strive to promote   quality natural organic products of that  have grabbed our interest and we hop they elicit the same feelings in you our customers. Many of the products that are identified on this site are current market place items that are gaining in popularity through general usage. The further development of whole foods and natural organically grown  products  is rapidly gaining popularity .

Age-wise  I am in my early 70s  and  represent the demographic of post-war baby boomers, living in the current demographic of millenials.  From previous long term running I have developed osteoarthritis in my hips, but have been able to delay by stopping running, but continuing to undertake exercise on a daily basis.  This has allowed me to continue to play my favourite sports of tennis and golf.   Through living most of my life in the tropics and subtropics I have embraced an outdoors lifestyle playing sports and feeling comfortable in casual sports-oriented clothing, equipment and transport modes that makes me feel more relaxed, vital and alive in my body. The innovations in sports equipment, personal mobility options, health  and exercise  advances options allow for a vital, energetic lifestyle that previous generations have not been able to access.    

Plant-based Whole Foods

A whole foods plant based (WFPB) diet is based on whole or minimally processed whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits. It excludes animal-based foods, including fish and dairy, and also highly processed foods such as oils (that means no olive oil or coconut oil).